19-20 : The posts


Horseguard fits any posts

The Horseguard tape can be installed on:
Wood post, Round wood post, Metal T-Post, Pipe post, Fiberglass posts, Rebars, Trees


  • Our insulator and tensioners are designed to fit them all.
  • Wood posts and t-posts have to be purchased locally.
  • Our (Diam. 0.47″) Fiberglass posts (5.6 ft) have a smooth surface finish.

The line insulator is sold in Canada only in black.







The distance between posts

The distance between the posts can be set between 8 ft (2.50m) to 16 ft (5m), but should never exceed 16 ft (5m).
Post spacing should be reduced to 10 ft (3m) to 12 ft (3.50m) for wind speed above 60 mph. To calculate the number of posts divide the length in feet of the area that is going to be fenced by the spacing in feet between posts.


How to set the posts

At the corners and at the gate:
The corner posts or gate posts have to be strong since they take the major part of the strain of the fencing : wood post set in concrete, T-post set in concrete, and metal pipes set in concrete are all valid options as corner posts or gateposts. For sandy or rocky soil you will have to brace them.


  1. Drive your corner posts, gate posts and end posts.
  2. Make a straight line 10 inches (3m) above ground by stretching a string between each end post.
  3. Install the tensioners at each ends of the string on the end post.

On the fence line :

  1. Along the same string drive the intermediate posts every 16ft (5m) maximum
  2. Set the insulators on these posts following the string’s straight line.
  3. Repeat the process for each strand of tape.


The fiberglass post

The fiberglass post (Diameter 0.47″ -12mm-) is essentially unbreakable, rot-proof, rust-proof, twist resistant, and is nearly indestructible. The post’s function is to hold the insulators that hold the tapes at the right height. The insulator is tapped down onto the post, and holds snuggly in position. Their brown color coordinates with the fence tape.

Like the fence tape, the fiberglass posts are designed for year round use even in more extreme weather conditions. They can be used as a temporary fence or as intermediate posts between the stronger end-posts for a permanent fence.
Some people choose to install a stouter post between every 10 fiberglass posts. Fiberglass posts can be spaced as much as 15 feet (4.50m) apart.

The fiberglass post from HorseGuard is 5.57 ft (1.70m) and should be set at 15 inches (0.40 cm) in the ground.
At the gate they can’t be used to secure the fence tape’s tension. To install fiberglass fence, it requires you to have the end posts to attach block tensioners.
To remove seasonal fencing :

  • Loosen the insulators and remove the tape.
  • Pull up the fiberglass posts.
  • Unhook the tape from the tensioner at the ends.
  • Bundle the stakes and set aside the tapes (or put it on a reel).

“We love your product! It is an effective way to fence as well as an appealing view.
It s nice to be able to move the fencing when needed and never have to paint!”

Dennis S. Maryland

Stake driver

Our fiberglass post is sold in lots of 20 posts.