21 : Electrical Connections


To avoid poor contacts, rust, sparks, power leakage and all sorts of problems, HorseGuard recommends the use of this type of connections only :

The double-insulated High tension cable

Tested over 12,000 volts, this cable run in the power from the energizer to the fence. The green high voltage cable will be placed in the Tensioner #BP32 or #BP37 at the top part of the tape (green part + ). The brown cable is placed in the Tensioner #BP32 or #BP37 at the low brown part (-) of the tape . Sold per meter without connector to crimp with lugs #BP59GM at the desired length or sold per segment of 0.60m (2 ft) brown and green already crimped as connecting jumper cables.






Make the connection using the connectors that you will crimp onto the end of the high tension cables. By hooking the top part of the connector onto the tensioner, you will create a perfect contact with no power leaks and no bad contact spots that would generate sparks and damage the tape.

Connecting plates #2BC8

Connecting the bi-polar fence to a charger can also be done using stainless steel connecting plates #2BC8 added to our line post insulator #8bl anywhere in the installation of the fence.

Tensioner #BP32




Connections using #BP32 tensioner



Tensioner #BP37 for starting and
ending posts of the fence


Connections using #BP37 tensioner






No need for an electrical loop with the Horseguard system. An installation U-shaped or straight line is possible. (In case of an existing metal or wood gate for example). In case of a second existing gate (wood or metal) cables must run under the second gate to keep the electrical continuity of the installation (see FAQ), or install a gate in HorseGuard tape as the handle is conductive.


Choosing the energizer

The energizer must be a LOW IMPEDANCE one (conversion of electric current to increase the volts and remove amps) and powerful to allow you to always have a minimum of 4000 volts on the fence to protect your horse. Whenever possible, always use an energizer on AC power.
The first step is to decide the type of Energizer you want to run on your property.

HorseGuard does not sell energizer in Canada. You will find this item in any agricultural coop. Your charger has to be a LOW IMPEDANCE one and powerful enough to give 4000 volts minimum permanently on the tape in order to protect your horse respecting his fence. A fence tester is useful to check regularly the fencing voltage.