22 : The HorseGuard Extender



To be used to keep horses away from danger!
This Extender offers a safe, flexible extension
to keep horses away from dangerous fencing,
and stops animals from chewing or leaning!

The new extender will fit all your insulators or tensioners.
Made in the USA, the extender fits all type of posts, wood, T-Post, round metal posts…




Our new extender bracket is a new great innovation to help you create a very useful fence extensions. It extends the tape 1 foot from either side of the post effectively keeping horses away from a central fence of dangerous barbed wire or galvanized electric wires, rope, wooden fence, vinyl fence or even a wall or a tree, corner or gate post… or from any fence situation that might represent a danger to your animals!


Extender #13EX25
+ Tensioner #BP37 in corners


Corner Extender.#13EX25
+ Tensioner. #BP32