34-35 : The Line Insulator


Wood post, Round wood post, Metal t-Post, Pipe post, Fiberglass posts, Rebars, Trees, and T-Post-Guard sleeves over T posts.

Our line insulator and Block tensioner are designed to fit them all.  (Wood posts and t-posts have to be purchased locally).

The design of the HorseGuard line insulator was inspired by the tuning peg that tightens the strings on a cello, it is easy and fast to install: just turn the 2 pegs and the tape will be secured into place. Thanks to the precut holes at each end, the insulator slides onto 1/2 inch round fiberglass stakes.


1 – Once it has been attached onto the postwhich can be wood, pipe, fiberglass or T.Post.

2 – Position the tape on it.

3 – Close the cap and screw in the bottom.

4 – Then firmly screw in the other peg but do not over tighten.


To resist perfectly to the mechanical friction due to the force of the winds the electric tape must tightly be blocked into insulators, firmly squeezed between the rounded caps that will protect the stainless steel threads from being damaged over time….

In case you need extra screwing pegs,
order a wheel of 14 rounded ones that can be tightened with a coin.

Be aware of some insulators designs that can pinch the tape and cut it over time and your horses will know before you that the ´zappingª has become very weak.


HorseGuard line insulator fits any posts.

Adapted itself to a variety of fence post types : Wood post, Round wood post, Metal t-Post, Pipe post, Fiberglass posts, Rebars, Trees.


Attach it on a T-post or pipe post with wire, or straps.
Onto a wood post with screw at each end. However, these posts have to be strong enough to resist to the tension which the whole fence is going to make them hold, because all the tension of the tape is at the extremities of fence, in the doors and in the angles.

To fix the line insulator to the post


On wood posts with wood screws.#8X


Close the cap and screw in the bottom. The tape is strongly maintained by the Insulator.#8bl

On square, round, metal T-posts with wires or polyamide straps.

#8bl In black only.
To respect trees, with a belt (1,50m long). #BT150 #BT150

On fiberglass stakes

1. Longer end down.

2. Tap it down firmly.

3. Detach the pegs.Set the top and screw the pegs in.