04-06 : HorseGuard, the original fence tape


In 1985 HORSEGUARD, the leading choice for horse fencing has invented and created the ORIGINAL electric fencing system “with your Horse safety in Mind”. When the new electric tape concept invented by HorseGuard was presented at the famous Paris Horse Show in 1985, no product had previously won 2 awards in a row! HorseGuard fence won 3 of the 12 given awards :


The arrival of the electric fencing tape has radically transformed the horse fence concept In comparison to a normal fence Horseguard Fence provides a more effective PHYSICAL, VISUAL, and MENTAL barrier better respected by the horse.

What is the secret to HorseGuard fence’s success?

  • Low-cost for top quality and effective fencing!
  • For a safer, better quality fencing solution built to last.
  • Horses of all breeds, genders, sizes and ages can be safely confined.


  • Suitable for use as a permanent fence.
  • Can be installed with existing fencing.
  • A key for managing pasture and rotational grazing.
  • Proven to be successful and durable with reduced repairs and maintenance.


This HoseGuard electric fencing will be efficient for a long time :

  • Because you are using a quality tape.?
  • Because you will install it with our accessories adapted.


Bi-Polar fence, how does it work?

The tape is electrified, similar to the well known farmers’ ‘hot wire’ but in contrast with the
thin ‘hot wire’, the tape is large and visible by horses. The electric fence tape is powered
by a fence charger,which produces constant current pulses.




The tape connected to the (+) of the charger is the positive line. The ground rod connected to the (-) of the charger and driven into the humidity of the earth is the negative line.




The top green edge connected to the (+) of the charger is the positive line. The bottom brown edge connected directly to the (-) of the charger is the negative line. There is no need for a ground rod and the humidity of the earth.

For the Bi-Polar fence tape you don’t need a ground rod even with a sandy, snowy or rocky
soil (bad conductors) because we have put the two lines plus (+) and minus (-) on the
same tape and the fence will work whatever the ground conditions are!

In both cases when the horse touches the tape he connects himself for a fraction of a second!
Thereafter when the fence is electrified, after that painful (but harmless) experience the
horse will remember and respect that barrier!

What is HorseGuard Bi-Polar tape made of?

10 stainless steel wires diam. 0.016 inch (0.40 mm), 30% thicker than the competitors, 29 totally UV resistant polyethylene threads diam. 0.02 inch (0.50 mm), 2 stout bumpers diam. 0.032 inch (0.80 mm). Both have the combination of wires interwoven into the top and bottom bumpers at the tape edges : this combination has been added to provide cut protection and prevent elongation, making it a stiffer tape (not flimsy like bad copies) increasing strength, effectiveness and protecting against wear.

Designed to Reduce Wind Resistance
Designed to Last

HorseGuard recommends to set the posts at a maximum of 16ft (5m) apart. In windy areas the spacing of the posts can vary between 8ft (2.50m) up to 12ft (3.50m). What Horseguard has done to counteract the strong winds problem and increase the longevity of your fence since we invented the tape was:
To drastically increase the thickness of the filaments (metal and polyethylene) creating a very sturdy tape and a combination of open weave.