Fence Chargers : Where to buy and how to choose

HorseGuard does not sell electric chargers (energizer) in Canada. They can be purchased at any agricultural cooperative.

Here is some useful information to inform the selection process:

The energizer must be LOW IMPEDANCE and powerful enough to ensure a minimum of 4000 volts permanently on the fence.

The low impedance enables continued performance in the presence of a point of contact.

A fence tester is useful for checking that 4000 volts is maintained throughout the fence line. Fence testers are also available in our online store.

The different types of energizers

Mains energizers are the best choice when access to stable power is present.

Solar powered portable energizers with internal batteries are a self-sufficient option,  and a logical choice for remote areas.

Portable battery powered electrifiers generally operate at 12 volts, with a rechargeable battery that will be charged and discharged regularly.

Connected energizers with back-up batteries are the practical choice in areas where supplied power is not reliable.


fence chargers : Typical electrical output


Warning !

There are commercially available electrifiers that are too powerful!

Beyond 3 Joules output, they “burn” the stainless steel tape.